Lesson period: 03-05-2017 till 14-06-2017

We proudly introduce to you our kizomba classes by Marvin & Melda from DançaSala.

In short DançaSala is a dance school with the focus on Semba, Kizomba, Afrohouse and Dancehall. With years of knowledge and dancing experience they are able to make everyone a great dancer. If you are looking for improving your dancing skills or if you want to start dancing Kizomba. You can take their classes at SoSalsa.

If you have never heard of DançaSala before you can check their facebook or the website for more information.

Free-Try Out: Wednesday 3th of May!

TIME                                       PRICE          DURATION
Level 1: 20:00 – 21:00           €55,-          6 Weeks
Level 2: 21:00 – 22:00           €55,-          6 Weeks

Please sign up with for the course with this registration form: Subscribe here


★ ★ ★

The lessons are for SoSalsa members. If you are not a member yet and wish to become one, you can download the registration form:

Send an email with the registration form to with your name and that you want to join the kizomba lessons or take the registration form to the class on your first day. With the membership you will benefit from april onwards from:

– 3 Free parties (normally 6 euro at the door)
– 3 Free monthly dance evenings at Unit Culture (TU Delft)
– Free weekly training sessions to practice your dancing skills with other members
– Members activities
– Legendary Sueno party at Valkenburgsemeer, Leiden
– Friends and family day with live band
– Discount on arranged external parties

and much more…