Lesson period: 19-02-2018 till 09-04-2018

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Why learn salsa at SoSalsa?

Salsa dancing is a fun, and social experience that anyone can learn. Salsa dancing can be used to quickly connect to people in the Netherlands, and other countries. Salsa dancing is popular around the world.
Jan and Vivian have more than 10 years of experience in teaching the basics of salsa dancing to TUDelft students. Their focus is to quickly learn enough to engage in the social experience at salsa parties from SoSalsa, and other parties in the Netherlands.
Together with SoSalsa, Jan and Vivian offer the most affordable courses in Delft. All profits go to SoSalsa, to enable more and better member activities!

Free-Try Out: Monday 19th of February!

7 classes (including free try out)
                                                                               TIME                           PRICE
Salsa level 1 (beginners)               18:00 – 19:10                       €20,-
Salsa level 2 (intermediate)        19:10 – 20:20                       €30,-
Salsa level 3b (advanced)             20:30 – 21:40                        €30,-

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Salsa Level 1:
The beginners course features the basic steps of salsa, merengue and bachata. These are the three most popular dances / music styles at salsa parties. With these basics you quickly know enough to have fun at salsa parties. Practice at SoSalsa events is highly recommended!

No salsa dancing experience is required for this course. Also choose this course if you do have some dancing experience, but did not follow salsa classes before (e.g. just workshops or other styles of dancing.)

Salsa Level 2:
During the intermediate course, we’ll use your experience to focus on basics of “cross body lead style” of salsa dancing. You’ll learn many different turn patterns, leading and following these complicated looking moves. This style of dancing is quite popular in the Netherlands, a must learn for salsa dancer! A mixed level of dancing experience within the group will improve your leading and following skills. Also we will provide you with personal feedback and we’ll add extra styling and moves for those who have more experience.

For this course you’ll need at least to have completed a beginners course, level 1. This course is also suited for those who have done level 2 or level 3 previously. So for all who followed more than one and  less than 5 courses of salsa dancing.

Salsa Level 3:
The advanced class will teach you more complicated turn patterns that evolve around “cross body lead style” of salsa dancing. This is the most popular salsa dance style in the Netherlands. We’ll create longer combinations, with different levels of complexity for different levels of experience. The same move with an extra turn for the man, or double turn for the lady will challenge dancers from every level.

For this course you’ll need at least one year of salsa classes experience, completed our level 3 course at least once, better if you followed level 3 more than once already. It is also suited for those who already followed level 4 previous quarter.

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Send an email with the registration form to with your name and that you want to join the salsa lessons or take the registration form to the class on your first day. With the membership you will benefit from:

– Free parties (normally 6 euro at the door)
– Free monthly dance evenings at Unit Culture (TU Delft)
– Free weekly training sessions to practice your dancing skills with other members
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