The Board

As Board XII we're looking forward to the coming year. We are aiming at making even more people dance and enjoy the beauty that SoSalsa has. Next to our monthly parties, social dancings and membersactivites we want to encourage the members to go out together, have dinner or organise their own activites. We want to give them the change to give input and really become a part of the society. Next to that, not only within SoSalsa people should enjoy dancing, but we want to spread the joy. We would like to invite everyone to come to our parties, social dancing or enjoy a workshop/show. Never miss a chance to dance!

- Board XII

Peywand Sulyman - President -

Lucia van Schaik - Secretary -

Rick Weststrate - Treasurer -

Dawn Verkerk - Promotion-Commissioner -

Daniek Dieben - Activity Commissioner -


Lucia, van Schaik, Peywand Sulyman, Dawn Verkerk, Daniek Dieben, Rick Weststrate