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SoSalsa is the place to be in Delft to put salsa dancing skills into practice. We are a fun group of (international) students who get together and enjoy some groovy Latin Rhythms. There are monthly borrels (at which members dance and have a drink together) at the foyer of the Unit Culture of the TU Delft. Besides that, monthly parties (often themed or even with a live band) at an external location are organised that provide a nice ambiance where members can go and dance with people from outside the society as well.

Feel free to explore the website to get to know us and see when you can join in at one of our next events.

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Come and join us for a fun rueda workshop and social dancing.

Date: 04/03

Time: 19:00-23:30

Location: Foyer, TU Delft X


Subscription closes at 4th of March!
* No experience required
** If you do not have a camera, you can borrow SoSalsa’s camera (but there is only one…),
so if you know a friend with a camera, maybe you can borrow it.  

Always wanted to take cool pictures?

You will learn how to take pretty dancing pictures during SoSalsa’s parties or Social Dancings. First you will be introduced to the basics of photography, then we will discuss the tips and tricks of dance photography and we finish the course with a lesson about editing your photographs. There will be opportunities to practise your skills throughout the course.

Time: Thursdays 18:30-20:00

LocationTU Delft Library



Would you like to learn something more than the moves they teach you in the dancing classes…? Maybe the Friends & Family Showteams are something for you!!!

These shows are always a lot of fun and a great new dance experience! In a few weeks, you will learn a choreography and how to shine on the stage. At the final party of the year, you will perform the show to friends and family, who are invited!

Fill in this form to let us know if you are interested in participating in one of the shows. 😊
(members only)

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