SoSalsa is the student society for salsa dancing students in Delft.

Parties and "borrels"

SoSalsa organizes monthly parties at Cultuurlab in Delft. We arrange excellent DJ’s and sometimes a nice show. These parties always feature a beginner or an advanced workshop. So you can take your friends with you, even if they have never danced before. At the SoSalsa parties you will see (besides the other SoSalsa community-members) other students which are interested in latin music or who just want to have a good time. And of course at parties you can socialize, or just relax, have a drink and watch the passion on the dancefloor.



We also have our SoSalsa! 'borrel' at Cultuurlab every other week. These are on Wednesdays and always start at 18:30 with dinner (for which you need a ticket) and from 20:00 we have an open dance floor and sometimes a workshop. The music will be provided by our own DJ's.

Develop dancing skills


SoSalsa cooperates closely with the salsa teachers of Sports & Culture (see While following classes you can practice at SoSalsa! 'borrels' and parties. But even without dancing-skills you are welcome to join us.

Workshops and activities

Especially for members SoSalsa! organises danceworkshops in different levels (beginners to advanced) given by external teachers. Next to that we organise playful workshops to increase your dance-skills or just fun activities together with other SoSalseros.


Going out

SoSalsa Live Band Party | © Arthur Koppejan Fotografie

Going to salsa-parties together is one of the benefits of being a member of the SoSalsa! community. You can always find people to dance with, because you know them from SoSalsa! You will get to know people from different dancelevels, studies and nationalities.

International students

SoSalsa is aimed not only at Dutch students, but at international students as well. We believe that, because of the universal characteristic of music and dancing, our community brings about the best possibilities for getting into contact with students from other nationalities.



Thanks to the ‘momentum’ of the SoSalsa community, we can manage to get discounts for many events and workshops. We are a community of students, and the events we arrange are always priced accordingly.

Members weekend

Every year SoSalsa organizes a members weekend. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know a lot of members. During the weekend you will do all kinds of fun activities.


Become active!

To build the SoSalsa community we need people to help us! Would you like to help organize parties, promote SoSalsa! and make others enthousiastic? Are you handy with graphic design, web-programming, dj-ing or something else? Do you have a great knowledge of latin/afro-cuban music? Open your knowledge to everyone! Besides being part of the community, working for the community is a great way to set your creativity loose. Consider joining one of our committees. (look at the committees-page and e-mail to for more information).