Every society was founded sometime, by some people… This is the story of one of them.

I think the other founders will agree with me that the decision to start a salsa student society was made pretty quickly. But lets start at the beginning..

Before we ever dreamed about this great responsibility of being founders, we started taking the very first salsa class at the cultural center with Jan and Vivian. We were young and innocent then…

Then Jan en Vivian invited their students to help organize parties at the Cultural Centre, which until then was done by themselves. Eight of us were present and all of a sudden Jan asked us if we wanted to start the society. Six of us, Kees-Jan, Maurice, Melissa, Rabih, Tal and Vicki took the huge responsibility to found the society.

Our goal was to create a fresh, non-traditional society which of course revolves around this fantastic dance called salsa.

Now SoSalsa! is a well-known society in our beautiful city of Delft and beyond! And I’m proud!





Year Evaluation 2017 – 2018


Previous boards

Board 13 Jari, Nikki, Olivier, Ilse, Suzan, Julia

Board 12 Lucia, Peywand, Dawn, Daniek, Rick

Board 11 Dylan, Didi, Ravi, Rebecca, Marijke

Board 10 Terrie, Tess, Tamara, Stephanie and Robyne

Board 9 David, Sofie, Mariëlle, Chiwei & Rogiani.

Board 8: Jordy, Victor, Eline, Nishan & Marius

Board 7 Çan, Ricardo, Lisanne, Paul and Aline

Board 6 Guusje, Linde, Jeanine, Louise and Paul

Board 5 Aurinke, Hendrik, Roosmarijn, Asia, Jose and Hiske

Board 4 Romano, Esti, Zaid, Tara and Remko

Board 3 Marjolein, Maja, Alexandra, Serge, Nick and Joeri

Board 2 second half year Bart, Ingrid, Jasper, Elisabeth and Ruud

Board 2 first half year Ingrid, Jan-Wouter, Elisabeth, Jasper and Ruud

Board 1 Kees-Jan, Melissa, Maurice and Vicki