Are you looking for a fun dance workshop? SoSalsa provides workshops in different kind of dances: salsa, rueda de casino, merengue and bachata. All are given by experienced dancers.

Size does not matter, we can give workhops to small and large groups. The worksopgivers will adapt the level of the workshop to the size of the group and to the participants' dance skills. Workshops can be given in Dutch and English.

If you want a complete entertainment package, it's always possible to have a combination of workshops and shows for your event.

For more information and reservations, please send an email to

Are you interested in one of our workshops?
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- Reservations should be made at least 4 weeks in advance
- The location is not included, this should be arranged by the applicant
(tip: Sports & Culture or Lijm & Cultuur)
- The possibility to give a workshop depends on the availability of the workshopgivers, if they are not available we will let you know at last 2 weeks in advance
- The agreement is set at least 2 weeks in advance