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header-logo1Twelve student associations each with the same goal: finding suitable housing for the long term. With the adage “Together we are stronger”, these associations are looking for suitable premises together. Hereby they aim for an integral solution.

The TU Delft’s new vision for its campus has focused for a while already on better space utilisation, and reduction of both its number of square meters as well as its carbon footprint. But this also means a number of buildings on the campus have to be demolished. This includes the building at the Rotterdamseweg 145, of which the basement was used by various student associations. These premises had to be demolished because of its dilapidated state and high associated costs. Besides, the TU Delft saw no possibility of reuse.

After the closing of the premises in question, an accommodation problem arose for a number of sport and culture associations, that requires a long-term solution. The other involved student associations have had this accommodation problem for a longer time. For example, one association never had a location, as for another – their location did not satisfy their requirements. To solve their mutual problems, an alliance, consisting of twelve student sport and culture associations, has been assembled to look for housing.

  • Studentenreisvereniging ‘AEGEE-Delft’;
  • Delftse Studenten Wedstrijd Zeilvereniging ‘Broach’;
  • Boardsportvereniging ‘DROP’;
  • Delftse Studenten Schaatsvereniging ‘Effe Lekker Schaatsen’ (ELS);
  • Delftse Studenten Jazz Vereniging ‘Groover’;
  • Delfts Studenten Muziek Gezelschap ‘Krashna Musika’;
  • Delft Lacrosse;
  • Delftse Studenten Tennisvereniging ‘Obvius’;
  • Delftse Studenten Turnvereniging ‘Pegasus’;
  • Studenten Buitensport Vereniging ‘Slopend’;
  • Dansvereniging ‘SoSalsa’;
  • Sanctus Virgilius Alpen Club ‘Yeti’ Delft.

These associations each offer activities with which students can broaden their horizons – outside of their studies. By means of trainings, matches, workshops and excursions, members can develop themselves in a range of subjects. The alliance represents a total of around 2700 students, which is approximately 12.5% of the total amount of students at the TU Delft.

By joining together, these parties have more leverage, increasing the chances of finding a financially acceptable solution for their accommodation problem. Thus, the goal was formulated to find joint premises in which each student association can carry out their own activities. To increase the chance of attaining this said goal, the alliance partnered up with the “Stichting Herontwikkeling tot Studentenhuisvesting” (SHS) Delft. SHS Delft
acts as a project developer, using its knowledge and experience to support this social initiative. Both parties collaborate to realise the goal of finding suitable accommodation for the student associations. Preferably by using the existing housing options.

In this quest every helping hand is welcome. So should you in any manner of form be willing and able to help, then the alliance and SHS Delft are reachable by sending an email to

*This is a translation from the text of SHS Delft.

SHS Delft is opzoek naar huisvesting voor twaalf studentenverenigingen