Adress: Mekelweg 10, 2628 CD, Delft (The Netherlands)

Our social dancings are held at:
Unit Culture
Mekelweg 10
2628 CD Delft.

If you have any questions about:

  • the membership or subscription fees, please contact the treasurer through:
  • the lesson offer, workshops or shows, please contact the dance commissioner through:
  • SoSalsa in general feel free to contact us by sending an email to
  • sponsoring with SoSalsa, feel free to send an email to


    Q: Where can I learn to dance latin?
    A: There are a couple of options for lessons. You can follow salsa lessons from Jan and Vivian (our co-founders) or learn kizomba from Marvin and Melda. Next to that you can learn rueda from Jeroen. At culture you also have the option to learn salsa or bachata. And you are always free to join the Practice Sessions to practice your moves you learned in class.

    Q: I already have quite some experience with salsa dancing, where can I learn more?
    A: If you surpassed the classes, you can audition for one of our very own showteams, or form an advanced dance group yourself! At the Practice Session
    you can keep practicing your moves, but for experienced dancers we also offer masterclasses from Daniel and Jeroen.

    Q: Can I bring friends to SoSalsa activities?
    A: Yes, everyone is welcome at our parties and borrels. The SoSalsa workshops are also open to everyone. The members activities are only for members.

    Q: What do I wear when I dance salsa?
    A: You can wear what you feel comfortable in. At parties most girls wear dancing shoes and a dress or skirt. But they often also wear sneakers and
    jeans. Guys mostly wear dancing shoes and jeans with a shirt. It can usually get quite hot at a party, so dress light, or adjust your outfit to the theme!
    During a lesson you can wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

    Q: Do the DJ’s at SoSalsa parties only play salsa?
    A: No, besides salsa the DJ’s also play other Latin music styles like: merengue, bachata, kizomba and zouk. Next to that they might play some reggaeton, soca
    and afrohouse too.

    Q: How often can I enjoy SoSalsa!?
    A: Every month we throw a party at an external location and have social dancings (with drinks) at X. Next to that we have a
    monthly members activity which is not necessarily dancing related. There are throughout the year, like a members weekend, holiday trip and much
    more! During the summer holidays we also join the Antilliaanse Feesten and of course the OWee!