New classes already started.
You can join our classes next quarter again.

If you are interested in following one of our classes or if you just want to try the dance style or meet our teachers, you are welcome to join the Free Try-Outs. You can subscribe for the lessons online via this link

Salsa classes

Kizomba classes


* We also offer Rueda classes, but since the duration of this course is a semester, it is not possible to join at this moment. In the second week of quarter 3, the new rueda course will start. If you are interested, you are welcome to join then!

If you have any questions regarding our lesson offer, please email dance@sosalsa.nl

Practice Sessions

On Thursdays, SoSalsa organises Practice Sessions. This means we have a room available at Culture for our members to practice the dance moves that you learned in class. Most Practice Sessions start off with a mini workshop, so you will keep learning new dance moves!
There is an open practice session at the 15th of November, which you can attend.

Workshopgiver course

The workshopgiver course (W.G. Course) is a course for the more experienced dancers of SoSalsa. This is a course to educate these dancers to give internal or external workshops in different kind of styles. In this course different teaching and presentation techniques will be covered. The course will be given by Jeroen and Daniël. If you are interested, please email dance@sosalsa.nl