The classes have already started! You can join the course again in February.

Free Try-Out:

  • February 20th at de Wending
    • Level 1: 19:00 – 20:00
    • Level 2: 20:00 – 21:00

New this year: bachata classes!

In september, we will start giving bachata classes at SoSalsa. The lessons will be focussed on beginners: learning the basic steps, various moves and improve your technique and posture. Dhruva and Suzan have been dancing bachata for a couple of years now and they would love to spread their enthusiasm about this dance to others.

Course details:

Level 1: 19:00-20:00
Level 2: 20:00-21:00

Level 1: € 35,00 / non-members: € 45,00
Level 2: € 40,00 / non-members: € 50,00

De Wending:
Raamstraat 67, Delft


Level 1

Level 1 is about getting to know the basics of bachata and what bachata music is. We focus on the basic dancing techniques and learn how to dance with a partner. You learn patterns like the Bonita, the Hammerlock and many more. The bachata is about connecting with the music and your partner. With the fundamentals in this course you will be able to dance with everyone. You don’t need to bring a partner. Just put on your most comfortable clothing and shoes and join the course!

Level 2

Besides adding more basic patterns, we focus in level 2 on combining the individual patterns into a mini choreo that you can use during social dancing. In addition, you will learn different leading/following techniques and some man- and lady-styling. Furthermore, you will learn a bit of footwork and how to connect with your dance partner during all facets of a song. This will develop an awareness of musicality that you can apply for instance to the intro of a song. You will advance beyond the basic sideways 1, 2, 3, tap and will be able to apply a broad scale of techniques that will prepare you for a full night of dancing.


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