SoMiembros is one of SoSalsa’s youngest committees. From time to time it is nice to take a break from Salsa dancing, and do other fun activities. This is what SoMiembros aims to do: organize fun activities not necessarily salsa related. Activities we have organized so far this year include a Pub Crawl and a Sinterklaas events. Examples of last years activities are a twerk workshop, multi-cultural dinner, Kings Night out and more. We are currently working hard to bring you a Christmas dinner, Karaoke and more in 2018. Our monthly Dinner and Drinks is a member favourite as it always brings us together to catch up.

These events are open for all members who want to meet other members and enjoy a free/discounted social activity. Our different committee members are responsible with different aspect of the organization:

Astrid: President
Ilse: Dinner and Drinks
Baris: Promotion
Wendie: Treasurer
Peywand: Moderator between committee and SoSalsa board.

If you have any ideas for activities you would like us to organize, feel free to send an email to
Hope to meet you all!

From left to right: Baris, Astrid, Wendie, Ilse and Peywand