SoPeso is a new committee which will be launched this year! It will keep itself busy with acquisition,which means acquiring money from outside the society. This money will then be used for activities within SoSalsa, to host bigger parties, bigger artists, cheaper activities etcetera. It will keep itself busy from start to finish with getting collaboration from various companies. The activities include approaching companies; thinking of collaboration opportunities; meetings with companies; making contracts and invoices; following up on agreements and more. SoPeso is a great opportunity to get insight about the proceedings involving sponsorships and develop the skills involved like pitch talks, drafting official documents, making companies interested and so on. Another great benefit from doing
acquisitions is that it will give you personal contacts from within companies. These contacts grant you easier access to these companies when needed for jobs, internships, graduation projects. All in all, SoPeso is a great committee to both help SoSalsa to acquire money for great activities and develop
personal competencies.

If you want to join SoPeso, please send an email to or contact board XII!

From left to right: Lindert Ambagts, Peywand Sulyman, Mees Kersbergen