The Board

Dear Members,

With the changing of the seasons comes the change of the SoSalsa boards. Some might say a new wind is blowing. Let that breeze be gentle and warm. Let the zephyr nudge us closer together. The soft Mediterranean wind brings the known sounds through land and seas. The clave, güiro and maracas unravel their flow. Almost intoxicating, the sound makes one rise, and follow its captivating energy. Aligned with the wind, like a leaf we play with the currents. Almost floating, always twirling, we dance, dance the night away.

Now after all this floating, let's get a bit more down to earth. Our most important message is that we are extremely excited for the upcoming year. Our main goal is to, as described above, create a warm atmosphere in SoSalsa. We already planned a myriad of activities to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, we would like to invest in finetuning all the incredible and diverse things SoSalsa already has to offer.

Of course, it will be an honour to follow in the footsteps of board 12, whom have given us so much last year. They have a special place in our hearts. We thank you for doing what you did, as it was a very good guideline for us on how to continue forwards this year and the years to come.

- Board 13

Olivier Dingeldein - President -

Ilse Ellenbroek - Secretary -

Nikki Seepers - Treasurer -

Suzan van Werkhoven - Promotion Commissioner -

Jari Koeijers - Activity Commissioner -

Julia van der Ploeg - Dance Commissioner -

Jari Koeijers, Nikki Seepers, Olivier Dingeldein, Ilse Ellenbroek, Suzan van Werkhoven, Julia van der Ploeg