The Board

Dear Members,

With the changing of the seasons comes the change of the SoSalsa boards. Some might say a new wind is blowing. Let that breeze be gentle and warm. Let the zephyr nudge us closer together. The soft Mediterranean wind brings the known sounds through land and seas. The clave, güiro and maracas unravel their flow. Almost intoxicating, the sound makes one rise, and follow its captivating energy. Aligned with the wind, like a leaf we play with the currents. Almost floating, always twirling, we dance, dance the night away.

Now after all this floating, let's get a bit more down to earth. Our most important message is that we are extremely excited for the upcoming year. Our main goal is to, as described above, create a warm atmosphere in SoSalsa. We already planned a myriad of activities to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, we would like to invest in finetuning all the incredible and diverse things SoSalsa already has to offer.

Of course, it will be an honour to follow in the footsteps of board 12, whom have given us so much last year. They have a special place in our hearts. We thank you for doing what you did, as it was a very good guideline for us on how to continue forwards this year and the years to come.

- Board 13

Jari Koeijers, Nikki Seepers, Olivier Dingeldein, Ilse Ellenbroek, Suzan van Werkhoven, Julia van der Ploeg

President –

Olivier Dingeldein

I used to roam through the capital of La Douce France, baguette under the arm, dreaming under the Pont-Neuf, looking at the stars and reciting La Bohème by Arthur Rimbaud. I was a simple man, and only asked for the little things. Years later, I was introduced to the Latin dance scene by SoSalsa. In hindsight, I never knew that little things grow bigger, once you put effort into them. Now I am here, with a heart that beats the drums, feet that follow the rhythm, and a head that sings the melody of passion, determined to sway your feet away.

Secretary –

Ilse Ellenbroek

I’m Ilse, I’m SoSalsa!’s secretary this year. Also known as “The Messenger”. I’ll make sure all the members have the latest information through the weekly mail, answer all the questions, keep track of all the information and make sure that everything is noted down. I’ve been a member for a year before I entered the board. In this year I went to parties, learned to dance, made friends and learned a lot in multiple committees. I had a lot of fun and this year by being in the board I hope to be able to give all our members the same great experience I had last year.

This year I hope to achieve a SoSalsa! that feels like a family to everyone. I hope to dance, laugh, talk and email with all of the members. I look forward to an amazing year with a lot to learn and experience.

Treasurer –

Nikki Seepers

My name is Nikki and I am the treasurer of SoSalsa! for this year. Since I study mathematics, it is not so strange that I wanted this position in the board. As the treasurer, I will make sure that all the payments are done and that the bookkeeping is done correctly. I also keep all our memberships up to date. So if you have any questions regarding to payments or the membership, you should come to me.

Before I became a member of the board, I was already a member of SoSalsa! for two years! I learned to dance, I made friends and I did committees. When taking lessons and doing the bachata friends & family show, I improved my skills as a dancer and had a lot of fun! The last two years were really great and I hope that we will make this year great for you as well!

Promotional Commissioner –

Suzan van Werkhoven

My name is Suzan van Werkhoven and this year I will be responsible for the promotion of SoSalsa. I have been a member for a few years now and it still makes me smile knowing that I am going to dance at SoSalsa’s activity that evening. My favourite dance is Bachata and I enjoy giving workshops in different styles. I hope that I will have enough time to keep dancing this year.
As the Promotional Commissioner of this board, I will take care of all the promotion (internal and external) of SoSalsa. I have a lovely committee, SoCial, who will help me execute this task. We make flyers and merchandise too. Besides, we update our website and social media accounts. Moreover, we are responsible to take pictures and videos, which will be posted again online.
I strive to give SoSalsa a unique branding, that is recognisable in every piece of promotion and communication. The website will be part of this too. A clean and integrated website will contribute to a growing society, like SoSalsa.
With my experience in different committees, my creativity and my passion for dancing and SoSalsa, I am determined to perform my tasks and contribute to this lovely dance society.

Activity Commissioner –

Jari Koeijers

My name is Jari Koeijers and I’ll be your activity commissioner for this academic year. As activity commissioner I will be responsible for all of the parties and socials dancing’s this year. These parties and social dancing’s I will organize together with my amazing supporting committee, SoFiesta. Together we will make sure everyone can enjoy monthly parties and socials dancing’s. I’m a big fan of having costumes at parties so do expect more dress codes this year!
Before starting this task I had already been a SoSalsa member for 1.5 years. During this time I also joined a SoSalsa Committee called SoFestival, which organizes a 3 Day festival with workshops during the day and parties at night, which was a ton of fun! So much fun, that I’ll also be guiding them this year.
I’ve had a lot of fun during my previous SoSalsa experience, and this year I’m determined to bring even more joy and more of that family feeling to all the SoSalsaseros. So if you ever need someone to have a beer with, a dance or something as simple as just a hug don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me at every party and social dancing and otherwise you can contact me by mail.

I want to see all of your smiles on the dancefloor!

Dance Commissioner –

Julia van der Ploeg

My name is Julia van der Ploeg, although I’m more commonly known as ‘dance’ or ‘just dance’, two nicknames that derived from my function on the board as the dance commissioner. This year I will be responsible for the dance lessons and courses that will be offered to all of our members as well as non-members, as in addition to studying to become an engineer, it is also important to learn how to move your feet! Hence, my task will be to ensure that our lessons run smoothly, organize bootcamps, practice sessions and workshops, and be in charge of the Salsa and Rueda showteams.

In regards to me personally, if I’m not on the dancefloor, you can probably find me at the architecture faculty where I’m currently in my second year of my bachelors degree. Architecture, SoSalsa, and my friends in both places pretty much make up my life at the moment, which makes me incredibly happy!

See you on the dancefloor!